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IGN: M_master123
By M_master123 » about 1 month ago
New to the forums? take some time to introduce yourself

The idea is to answer all these questions and maybe add some yourself too!
Of course, you don't have to answer any of these questions; just leave it empty or put something like '/'
Let the games begin!

Create a new thread and answers these questions to introduce yourself

note: the questions are here as an example you can use them or make your own questions

1) Greetings! Are you looking forward to this?
2) What is your Accountname?
3) What is your realname?
4) What do you like to be called by the other players?
5) What kind of nicknames did you receive through the years?

6) What is your gender?
7) Single / Taken?
8) Only if you really want to; add a picture of yourself?
9) What is your birthdate / age?
10) Where are you from?

11) How'd you find this Server?
12) What'd you like about this Server?
13) What'd you dislike about this Server?
14) What is and/or used to be your favourite Gamemode? (Not necessarily on Azzamo!)
15) On which one of OUR Servers can we find you the most?
16) Do you consider yourself active?

17) What do you like about yourself?
18) What do you dislike about yourself?
19) Which of the 'Seven Deadly Sins' would be yours? Lust/Gluttony/Greed/Sloth/Wrath/Envy/Pride
20) Describe yourself in just a few phrases?

21) Favourite game(s)?
22) Favourite music?
23) Favourite type of food?
24) Favourite TV-series / Movie?
25) Favourite colour?
26) Favourite quote / the quote you're using the most?
27) Are you part of any fanbases?
28) How'd you like to spent your time? And what about without any electronics?

29) Anything we need to know about you?
30) Did you like this poll?

Thank you for your time!
Don't forget to add some questions yourself and especially not to start a conversation with someone!
Make friends!


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IGN: WhenPixel
By WhenPixel » 8 days ago
I will eat my water with a fork cos i can

I am pixel